I tell stories through a diverse spread of digital mediums. 

Video: 2 minutes
The impending pollinator crisis


Data Visualization: Cartograph
Edulastic Teacher ambassadors

The darker green the state, the more teachers we have there.

Innovator Team Members

Audio: 1 minute
bart's glorified babysitter

Photo Gallery: 

Photo Story: 6 Images
Day in the life of a frog

My work spans across different mediums & topics
with a focus on education, sustainability, and Communication

Keep scrolling to view some of my past, present, and continuing projects and work. 

Outstanding in the field

A Kickstarter fundraiser in 2014 to raise money and awareness to explore how technology can influence our interactions with the natural world.  


Content Development
Blogs et al.

I've written stories variety of topics from education, to renewables, to sustainability. 

Personal Projects
Experience Nature


Occasionally I post Blogs on Medium or Tumblr

Current Work: Edulastic

Focus: Content & digital marketing


Previous Work: BirdSleuth
At the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Focus: Education & marketing